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Six advantages of listing your company on Google Business

Today Google is the go-to search engine for literally everything, but did you know there is also a free local business listing service called Google Business Profile?

The listing serves as a great marketing tool to help prospective clients find you easily and quickly and includes the following advantages:

1. Appearing more credible online

Once you have claimed your Business Profile you can add your logo, a description of your business, contact information, opening hours, a link to your website, a cover photo, and photos of the inside and outside of your business and your products. Filling out your profile fully will make your company more attractive to local consumers as well as visitors to the area.

2. Being visible in local search results

When searching online it is common for people to type into the search bar ‘local to me’ or ‘in Kent.’ In fact, 80% of people use this type of keyword.

When a profile appears, it shows at the top of the Google page to the right of other organic searches which to a small business, who may otherwise get lost online, is extremely valuable. Listings with completed profiles are 29% more likely to attract purchases.

3. Encouraging past customers to return

Your business profile can also be used to add limited-time offers, share your current news and announce new services so you stay in forefront of your ideal client’s mind.

Build relationships with those who leave you Google reviews by responding to them as this will make your clients feel valued and demonstrate that you care about them.

If you receive a negative review, it is always best to still respond, perhaps invite the client to email you directly so you can discuss their concerns in more detail.

4. Convincing more prospects to buy

In a busy world, the easier you make it for your business to be found and for people to contact you the more likely you’ll be to gain sales. Your Business Profile allows you to add photos of your products or services, share posts to announce offers, answer questions from potential customers and use a call-to-action button such as sending a message or booking an appointment.

5. Enables Google Reviews

Google Reviews are a great way of getting recommendations from recent customers and, as they can only be left by others, they are genuine and trustworthy. They also appear at the top of the profile allowing people to instantly see them.

Our advice is to always respond to reviews (good and bad) to demonstrate that you care about your clients. Don’t forget you can also share your reviews on your other marketing platforms such as social media, your website and in MailChimp campaigns.

6. Use of free insights

Your profile will come with free insights which are great for helping with your digital marketing including Google Ads campaigns. The dashboard will allow you to see:

• Which geographical locations visitors were from
• How many people viewed your Business Profile
• Which buttons visitors clicked on
• Which photos customers engaged with

Using a Business Profile on Google is a great free marketing tool to help all businesses grow. It will help you appear more often online, make you more visible to customers both near your business and further afield, increase your credibility and give you great insights to improve your digital strategy.

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