Eight tips to increase Twitter engagement

Eight tips to increase Twitter engagement

We often find that clients feel they need to be on every social media platform because ‘everyone else is’. However, it’s important that you choose the right platform for your business and one(s) that will reach your ideal client/customer. This is why it’s good to know from the start who you want to work with then you can target your marketing wisely, ultimately saving you time and money.

Twitter is the fifth most popular network with more than 145 million active users a day and is a great way to build your brand and relationships with your fans. However, twitter is extremely fast paced with 500 million tweets sent daily and so you need to be strategic in your approach so that you stand out.

As with any form of marketing you need to be clear what your goals are when posting and align these with your business objectives. The goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART). For example, if you would like to use the platform to increase website traffic this will be measurable by your click through rate from Twitter to your website (don’t forget Twitter has its own analytics built in and you can also use Google Analytics).

Here are a few of our tips to help increase your Twitter engagement

1. Be consistent

Post regularly to keep followers engaged and if several people manage the account make sure there is consistency with the way you post. For example, how you format links, brand images, which hashtags to use and how to respond to both positive and negative comments.

2. Plan ahead

Use a content calendar to plan your posts so they are strategic – when will you post, how often (this may differ from business to business and is once again why you need to know how your ideal client behaves when they are online). Hootsuite suggests following the rule of thirds: 1/3 of tweets promote your business, 1/3 share personal stories and 1/3 are informative insights from experts or influencers.

3. Know your hashtags

Hashtags are used to flag up a particular topic. Think of them a bit like a bookmark. So, if you’re tweeting about weddings, you might use the hashtags #wedding #weddingplanning #weddingindustry. It will help to do a bit of research here to see what others in your industry use and to ensure you are using the correct hashtags. Don’t overuse though – two to three are fine.

4. Use photos

Twitter is limited to 280 characters, so an image such as an infographic, photo, GIF or video will really help compliment a tweet and help you stand out on the fast-paced feed.

5. Connect with those you’d like to work with

Search for topics you’re interested in (i.e. #marketing) and then follow these people, most will follow you back. You can then start to engage and build relationships with them.

6. Engage

This seems an obvious thing to say but don’t forget to keep an eye on your posts and engage with those who start to follow you, comment or retweet your posts. This will help build those all-important relationships and push your brand out there.

7. Share your Twitter handle

Include your Twitter handle in as many places as possible such as your email signature, blog, other social platforms and website to increase awareness. You can find us at @BrandspaceMedia

8. Evaluate

As with any marketing you should evaluate your Twitter platform monthly to see how tweets are performing, who is interacting and with which posts.  Tweak your strategy based on this feedback (as mentioned before use the free Twitter analytics) and keep in mind it’s just important to know what isn’t working as well as what is.

Remember social media is not about selling, it’s about building your reputation, brand and profile which will then lead to sales.  As with all marketing, it can take at least six months to start having an effect so be patient with your social media plan. Use our eight tips to increase your Twitter engagement and see the difference.


If you need help with social media management, we offer monthly packages so contact us to find out more or book your free discovery meeting.

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