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How case studies will benefit your business

Testimonials and word of mouth are wonderful to have in your marketing toolbox, but you should never underestimate the value of a detailed case study.

What is a case study?

A case study goes further than a testimonial by explaining in depth how you have helped a client solve a problem and the results that followed. It’s a way of telling a story about the journey you have been on with a client and demonstrates quantifiable results. When it comes to marketing, the case study can help potential customers determine whether they’re making the right choice by working with you.

How case studies will benefit your business

According to HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report 2021, 13% of marketers name case studies as one of the primary forms of media used within their content strategy, making them the fifth most popular type of content.

When a customer is thinking of using your product or service, one of the first things they’ll do is look at your company website.  If you can explain in detail how you can solve a problem for that customer and how your product or service will make their life easier then they will be more likely to buy from you.

How to get the most out of your case studies

Once you have written your case study, you need to promote it and here are some suggestions on where to do so:

  • On your website on a dedicated ‘case studies’ page
  • Add as a blog on your website
  • Send in your email marketing
  • Post a link to your case study on your social media platforms
  • Create a case study video
  • If you are promoting a certain aspect of your business such as a product launch, place a relevant case study temporarily on your homepage so users land on it as soon as they arrive on your website
  • Use your case study in presentations to potential customers, at networking and trade events but ensure it is tailored to the correct target audience
  • If you have a sales team, ensure they utilise your range of case studies when selling your product or service

As with all marketing, when writing your case study put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How will your product or service benefit them and how will you help them achieve this? Thinking in this manner when you write will help you produce a case study that will attract your ideal client.

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