The benefits of video marketing

Video is such a great way to inject your personality into your brand.  It shows the real you, the way you talk, smile, and explain things. People buy from those they trust, and a video will help establish these traits enabling you to connect with your audience. Once someone gets a ‘feel for you’ they are more likely to buy from you.

Videos on your website will help you achieve all the above but also boost conversion rates, lead to more opens to your email marketing, help with SEO, and encourage social sharing.

According to Forbes, a whopping 90% of customers say that video helps them make buying decisions, and 64% say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy, according to Animoto. Plus, 97% of marketers say that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service, according to HubSpot.

Remember your video doesn’t need to be a Steven Spielberg production so you need to get over that fear of talking on camera and what you look like and get yourself out there!

There are of course experienced professionals who can create wonderful corporate videos for you, but you can also create your own shorter videos that complement these and use them across your marketing platforms. Here are a few simple tips to get you started…

1.   Work out what you’re going to say and pop a few bullet points on a post-it-note to refer to

2.  Make sure the location you are recording in has good lighting and is quiet.  It’s best to have your screen slighter higher as well so you’re not looking down (this can be quite unflattering!)  You may also need to buy an external microphone (these start from around £10)

3.  Look presentable. You don’t need a full make-over but it’s important to look professional and maybe skip the PJs!

4.  Speak slowly and relax, remember not to use industry jargon – if you’re not happy you can re-record!

5.  Watch the video back to make sure the sound and lighting are okay and that the background behind you looks professional (no snoring dogs or drying washing!)

6.  Include a call to action – what do you want your viewers to do after watching your video

7.  Get sharing!  Pop your video on your social media sites, website and YouTube Channel.

8.  Most of our clients look at us in horror when we suggest they create a video and say they wouldn’t know what to talk about.  So, a few ideas include a tutorial on how to do something, showing how a product works, introducing a member of staff or a virtual tour of your shop.

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