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Typical of many companies, before coming to us, Watkins had not developed a brand far beyond simply placing a logo upon some disparate marketing.

After 50+ years of growing steadily from a family plumbing business to a multi-disciplined building services specialist and now to a £40+ million company, employing hundreds of staff, Watkins knew it was a good time to invest in creating brand that better befits an organisation of their reputation. A brand supported by a new website design and company brochures that would reinforce the existing business and provide a platform to win more multi-million contracts.

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watkins logo development

Existing brand equity and a recognised name are things to be strongly considered, in order to maintain continuity.

– Brandspace

With an existing brand equity and a recognised name, there are things which were required to remain in order to maintain continuity when evolving the brand. We interrogated visually, what was the essence of the current brand that could be taken forward to the new?

In this instance, colour was a factor. Red is the prominent accent colour and currently used in all Watkins’ communications. In addition, the onsite workers were well recognised by their red safety helmets.

This was an opportune time to revitalise the brand; to demonstrate to clients, suppliers, prospects and competitors that Watkins are at the forefront of the industry and going from strength to strength.

Big picture, big impact website

Watkins website was designed for big impact. They’re an impressive outfit in the scale of their engineering – big images serve that best.

The impact, interactivity and experience of browsing the Watkins website is impossible to showcase here in a simple portfolio gallery – so have a look yourself here you’re interested to see a website we’ve built and what is possible.