Sharp startup branding with new logo for champion swordsman

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The challenge

Marc Chapman is a BFA registered fencing coach and a very skilled and successful swordsman, based locally near Brandspace Media in Canterbury, working with fencing clubs and schools throughout the South East. He also worked with the Great Britain junior mens’ epee team and the FIE Junior World Cup events.

The objective was to create a new logo that would enable him to build a brand image upon his existing reputation within the fencing industry. In order to approach other establishments he needed to create a much more professional image.

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Marc Chapman New Logo Embroidered Jumper
Marc Chapman New Logo Studio

Why was Brandspace appointed?

Marc appointed Brandspace because we were not only local but also he recognised our passion and past experience with helping startup businesses. No client is too small for us – in fact nothing is more satisfying than to see a new startup grow into something amazing.

He was also keen to work with an agency where the chemistry was right between himself and the brand designer, as he was a very hands-on person looking to be closely involved in the design process and rationale.

Based just around the corner meant that he could pop over to our office, sit with our team and discuss progress very informally over a coffee. In this particular instance it was very helpful as we had many ideas but a limited budget to work with.

Marc Chapman New Logo – T Shirt

Our approach

With new logo designs we ask clients how they would like us to work, rather than force something upon them that makes them uncomfortable. Some will just trust us to do our research and explore ideas and come back and present one or maybe two well-considered  polished concepts.

For Marc there were a number of routes for us to explore and he was keen to be involved in our brain-storming of rough ideas at the beginning of the process. So we explored various styles such as an academy feel, a symbol of excellence in laurels, established heritage of shields, the honour conveyed in a monogram. We also explored many forms of razor-like typography, as clearly the subject of fencing was not going to work with a soft rounded font like comic sans!

Marc was super impressed by the large range of early ideas that quickly enabled him to decide which style he wanted to pursue. It was then just a case of carefully refining the shapes, colours and font until we reached the perfect new logo for him.

We also managed to make a very simple adaptation of the logo to suite Marc’s other passion – crazy golf! We have no idea if his fencing skills have helped his crazy golf, but were amazed to hear that he is now the actual World Crazy Golf Champion!!! Go Tiger!

Marc Chapman Crazy Golf World Champion