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A not-for-profit startup helping self-funders make the right choices when paying for care

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The challenge

Care Funding Guidance (CFG) was a new startup organisation created to ensure people are better informed about the complex and costly business of paying for care in old age. Our challenge was to create a brand that was friendly and empathic and to present guidance in a format that would bring simplicity, reassurance and understanding at an often difficult time.

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We learned that although care funding seems at first a bewildering topic, there are really only 6 ways of paying for care in old age; three that would mean selling your house and the other 3 keeping it. It was decided to use an illustrative approach with central character, accompanied by a determined dog who guide the reader though the care funding options in a narrative journey.

This journey sees him first at a confusing crossroads and then faced with 6 doors before he finds the key to the right door. It’s a simple but effective narrative that worked so well that we used it in the brochure, the web and for event invites.

Care Funding Guidance Brochure

We were a new startup and the Brandspace Media team enabled us to really hit the ground running with progress well ahead of plans and budget. We launched the new organisation and brand at the end of the year and gained a momentum of commitments already by January that proved our faith and investment with Brandspace was well founded.

Owain Wright – Managing Director

Care Funding Guidance Stationary
Care Funding Guidance Website Showcase