Tofka toffee vodka shake-up-a-storm

Tofka product promotion shakes up a storm in the highly competitive drinks market

Branding  +  Event Graphics  +  Product Promotion

The challenge

Tofka was a new drink on the market; a smooth balance of toffee with warming sensation of vodka. Born in Courchevel in The French Alps, Tofka was already well received as an Après Ski sensation and all the reviews suggested potential to become a very popular drink. The Brandspace team were engaged to introduce the story, to develop the brand image and to broaden Tofka’s presence in a crowded market, establishing it as the sensation it promises to be.

  • Tofka
  • Premium Vodka
  • Packaging, Advertising, Point of sale, Merchandise

The Tofka brand was built on its sensation as a premium smooth toffee vodka. The bottle also contained gold flakes and at point of sale these are lit from a base and swirled around to create a theatrical masterpiece; A drink that not only seduces the taste buds it also stimulates the eye of its consumer.

With this in mind we built a campaign of intrigue, with its story and powerful imagery to use in advertising and event promotion on the theme of ‘SHAKE UP A STORM’ – a nod to the alpine roots and party atmosphere the drink evokes.

We had great fun working on this genuinely fascinating product promotion targeting a very specific audience in a hugely competitive market. Creative impact was paramount!