Design and marketing for a financial services brand with a personal touch

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Family facing finance

We’re proud to work with The Family Building Society. They genuinely do things differently to any other financial services brand. The organisation aims to help families work together to use their money and their assets more successfully. Like other building societies they offer mortgages, savings and later life planning, but their products have a family emphasis and this gives them a unique position in the marketplace.

The Brandspace team have been working with the building society to promote their innovative products and services and to manage their brand application across all print media and digital assets.

  • The Family Building Society
  • Financial Services Sector
  • Brand Management, Advertising, Print, Campaign, Annual Report and Accounts

A brand with the personal touch

The FBS brand and the promotion we created, serve to distinguish them from other financial services providers who don’t meet the real needs of families. Their difference and offering is reflected in a brand design that embodies a personal and family touch – they promise to treat customers as individuals and deliver a service tailored for the family.

Deliverables include:

  • Annual Report and Accounts
  • Magazine, press and online advertising
  • Forms and Application
  • Video animation for the website to demonstrate the Offset Mortgage
  • Product brochure design
  • Features leaflets
  • Web banner advertising
  • Photography
  • Email templates
Why Choose Us? A5 Leaflet
FBS Offsetting Mortgage Brochure