Award‌-winning‌ ‌estate‌ ‌agent‌ ‌moves on up with ‌new‌ ‌brand look

Logo + Brand + Website Design + Stationery + Brochure

The challenge

Having worked in estate agency for many years and at Mark Smith’s Estate Agents for the last six, Nikki and her business partner Mark took over the company where they continued to deliver a successful service with a great reputation.

Achieving their initial objectives, as well as being nationally recognised with the 2021/22 Best Estate Agent Guide Gold Award, they bravely felt the time was right to make the business truly their own. They were ready for a new name, a new brand and a new look to their Whitstable office.

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What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually.

Choosing a name for your own business is so deeply personal that it can be an agonising decision. A very public and long lasting choice – your name on the lips and minds of everyone you come across – your whole business life. No pressure then!

It’s a bit like naming your child. Where do you start? A good old fashioned name suitable for life in the established order? Or maybe something more hip and original for the kid who’s going to make waves?

Well like parents, we started with a list; generating one hundred names in categories such as, ‘Kentish way of life’, ‘contemporary and lifestyle’, ‘reflecting coast and town’, ‘The business owners names’ and various others lists befitting property purposes.


With our client unsure of which business name to settle on, our approach to brand development took the unusual approach of developing two favoured but different ideas in tandem, after which the client was more confident they’d be better able to decide on which they’d build their business and brand.

From all the names thrown into the competition, it came down to a showdown between a brave challenger ‘Pebble Beach’ and a fighter with a more traditional pedigree ‘Spiller Brooks’.

It was a close fight but ‘Spiller Brooks’ was unanimously crowned champion on a points decision.


A pastel palette combined with a darker neutral colour (for contrast), was chosen to make Spiller Brooks stand apart from the crowd of more conservative primary colours.

Derived out of pure colours (no grey or black added), pastel colours are subtle on the eye and picked to deliver a range of emotions like love, joy, romance, calmness, satisfaction, etc – all ideal feelings for inspiring home choices.

People spend many hours on the internet, the pastel colour palette essentially breaks down the fatigue and gives the viewer something that’s calmer on the eyes. After hundreds of scrolls and tens of loud videos, it feels pleasing to land on a pastel website.

Building brand foundations

A brand identity is built on foundations. At this stage brand guidelines (brand style guide) are created to inform how Spiller Brooks will present itself to the world.

Launching the new brand

Shop interior

Our brand work and guidelines helped inform the interior design.

Designer Amanda McKenna of MPL interiors.

The advantages of direct mail in estate agency marketing

  • Direct mail fosters a direct connection to people in the local area and this isimportant because buyers and sellers want to work with people that are local market experts
  • Direct mail is tangible resource that people can hold on to
  • Direct mail makes it easy to create drip campaigns to nurture prospects over long periods of time

Frequency is important. Fortunately print is lot cheaper nowadays. So whether we’re creating postcards or flyers – we plan for a constant delivery with consistent messaging to  keep Spiller Brooks top of people’s minds on the day they decide to move.

Social Media

Once the brand foundation had been built it was time to start marketing Spiller Brooks. As part of the marketing strategy, two social media platforms were chosen to raise the business profile. Facebook is being used to target local house sellers/buyers and LinkedIn to build industry connections. Our aim, through the varied content we produce, is to position Spiller Brooks as an authority in the property industry.

We have also created various graphics for both platforms to ensure brand consistency and provide the client with key monthly insight data to use within the marketing strategy as we continue to grow the business.

Please read more about our social media services here.

Marketing plan

The client requested that we write a strategic marketing plan to ensure their key objectives for the year ahead are delivered in a targeted, timely, and cost-effective manner.

One marketing method that has already been delivered, was a content marketing article, social media and local app campaign to promote the rebrand of Spiller Brooks.

The campaign saw a social reach of 24,563, a click-through rate of 7,188, and a 633% increase in email sign-ups.

Read the press release here.

Nikki & Mark – Spiller Brooks Estate Agency

As new business owners we needed help and support to rebrand our business and set up a new marketing strategy. Having engaged Brandspace Media to help us on that daunting journey already we can definitely say we have made the right choice. With Rachel as our Account Manager, she has provided friendly and professional advice and support at every step, without pressure and in a language we understand. Having just been involved in their Introduction to Marketing webinar today, which was really helpful and informative, it further emphasised we made the right decision and we now look forward to our journey with far less trepidation and fear. Highly recommended.