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Why should my organisation be on social media?
The importance of having a business Facebook page vs a personal profile
The importance of having a business Facebook page vs a personal profile One of the questions that crops up the most from our clients is ‘why do I need a business Facebook page, can I not just use a personal one and what’s the difference?’ so, in this blog, we...
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Brandspace - From Markers to Macs
From Markers to Macs – a creative industry revolution
Brandspace Designer, Mike Young has worked as a graphic designer for 35 years. He has experienced a revolution in the way computers have changed his industry.
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Seven blogging tips for business
Seven blogging tips for business
Most businesses know they should be writing blogs to build relationships with their ideal client and drive traffic to their website to enhance Google rankings, but it’s the actual content of the blog that often leaves people staring blankly at their screen
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Brandspace insight blog - marketing plan 2021
Why a marketing plan is crucial for business success
Your business probably has the ‘all-important’ business plan. But what about your marketing plan? So many companies don’t seem to value the importance of a document that can form a foundation of your business and provide the platform for you to grow sustainably and profitably.
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Brandspace - marketing and selling
The difference between marketing and selling
There is very often confusion between sales and marketing, and so in this blog we take a look at the differences but also how the two work alongside each other.
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Disney launches its very first Christmas brand campaign
Disney’s very first Christmas brand campaign
Disney's very first Christmas brand campaign Using nostalgia and magic to help children when they need it the most We love a good Christmas advert here at Brandspace and who doesn't love the magic of Disney. Get the tissues ready for this one it's lovely! The three-tier festive campaign, which...
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9 Christmas marketing tips
9 Christmas marketing tips to boost your sales this year
As Christmas approaches people urgently shop to try and find the right present for their loved one and enough food to feed an army! This year will of course be a little bit different…
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Brandspace - 9 email marketing tips
9 email marketing tips to help your business grow
Sending direct emails is a great way to engage with your customers and the beauty is you can contact them directly via their inbox. If used correctly, this form of marketing can build relationships with both current and potential customers…
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Marketing through the pandemic-1
Why your business should keep nurturing its marketing through the pandemic
Brandspace’s Marketing and PR Account Manager, Rachel Wall, gives her advice on why it’s crucial in these unusual times to continue to market your business to current and potential clients.
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